Robert Greene, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright in 1958 built this home in 1963. One of nine Greene homes in the Atlanta Amberwood subdivision, it is a flat-roofed Prairie Style home that includes the Wrightian concepts of fireplace as the heart of the home, and an integral relationship to the geography of the site.

Built around a large glass box living space that includes the central fireplace, living room, dining area, and kitchen, it features floor to ceiling windows both front and back making the core of the house a see-through structure that blends the interior with the outdoors. It is placed on a steel joist sub-floor, the roof supported by massive beams that span the entire space.

The expansive main living area is joined by bedrooms with lower ‘compressed’ ceiling heights and a sunken bath, and an 1800′ addition with a 12′ ceiling and multiple skylights. These three main sections of the house are all joined to the private deck in the back.

The kitchen features the original built-in and fully restored Frigidaire double oven. The owners have brought a subtle Asian touch to many interior furnishings and the beautiful conifer and maple front landscape built around 30 tons of granite boulders and a stunning granite platform entry stairway.

Greene’s long time architectural associate Adelberto Rosaria’s and Greene’s son Matthew recently visited the house to see how it has withstood the test of time. Rosaria’s dubbed Greene’s architectural concept ‘the height of Modernism’.

The residence has seen multiple pages in Metropolitan Home and Jezebel magazines, participated in numerous home tours such as Modern Atlanta, High Museum Art Garden, Docomomo, and the Lambda club. In addition the home has appeared in multiple commercials with brands like AT&T, The Home Depot, Smirnoff, and Dannon Yogurt with Cam Newton.